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Fab Five Kitchen Gadgets


1   The Sodastream Penguin operates without batteries or electricity and uses CO2 cartridges. Have fresh water turned into sparkling water or soda in seconds from the comfort of your home. Available locally at Great News!, also an exchange center to keep the recycling program going for the CO2 cartridges. Simply bring in your empty cartridge for a discount on a recycled cartridge.


2   The newly-released Kuhn Rikon High Output Ratchet Mill is proving to be a big hit. Simply move the large handle back and forth to easily grind pepper, salt, or other spices fine to coarse. Available in an array of festive colors at Sur La Table.


3   Dazzle your guests as you open bottles with an elegant Futagami brass crescent moon. Futagami is an established Japanese casting manufacturer that has been in business for more than 100 years. Available locally at Grounded.


4   Make authentic pasta in your home with the Italian-made Atlas pasta machine. An easily adjustable, 9-position dial regulates thickness of pasta dough; additional attachments for more noodle styles sold separately. Available at Crate & Barrel.


5   Invented in Germany, this eye-catching and eco-friendly lid will change the way cooks boil. Overboiling is a problem even the pros have, and with this ingenious silicone tool, it won’t happen any more. Simply place the lid on any pan with flower facing up. Lid is heat resistant to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Available at Sur La Table.


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