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Elegant Electronics


Artopz is a San Diego-based company whose vision is to create truly unique computers and high-tech electronics in simple, beautiful designs that strike an aesthetic balance between form and function. Working with wood models and glue, the first computer designs came to life, eventually leading the company’s engineers and designers to the Eclipz Pod, a completely customizable module with numerous features including a wireless and wired media bridge for connecting up to four internet capable devices; a three-port HDMI switch to allow the user to smoothly switch between three HDMI output devices (cable or satellite box, game console, and home theater PC); a high-def Web camera, a dual mode USB 2 hub for discreetly connecting additional devices; a remote solution that allows full control of the media pod doors, interactive light feature, and HDMI switch, as well as a full-function concealed keyboard and mouse solution; Skype integration via the remote; fully automated doors that are activated by either the movement of the users hand or a keystroke from the remote control, and much more. High-tech never looked so high end. (877/897-5050, www.artopz.com)   MIA STEFANKO


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