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Back on Track

Back on Track

Back on Track

Posted on Jan. 6, 2017

So your holidays were overfilled with eggnog, cookies, pies, and other high-calorie wonders. Get back on track with organic, all-natural, and vegan as the current terms of your vernacular. If the 2017 plan is about eating better, but with the fun and flavor, the Little Italy link in Café Gratitude’s chain may be your path to a heightened state of consumption. The plant-based, organic spot has starters, salads, sandwiches, entrées, and desserts that represent healthful takes on everyday dishes.

Café Gratitude’s nachos are thin, crispy tortilla chips topped by black beans, cashew cheese sauce, spiced pumpkin seeds, avocado, salsa fresca, and a tart escabeche. The dish satisfies without the weight; only the pepitas seem odd. The burrito is packed with zesty mushroom carnitas and a rich, earthy mole sauce. Their flatbread take on pizza features a tangy tomato sauce, many toppings, and a creative ancient grain and kamut crust, but it’s not Italian enough to scratch the ’za itch. The vegetable samosas are a lovely appetizer. It’s a good place to start the year right. 619.736.5077, cafegratitude.com   Brandon Hernández

Back on Track
Café Gratitude



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