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The Cyber Market


November is Cyber Security month, and that’s a good thing for investors. Wall Street is putting big bucks into stopping cyber crimes and both startups and tech conglomerates are seeing profits skyrocket. According to CB Insights — a venture capital database and angel investment database — investors put close to $1.4 billion into cyber security firms in 2013, backing everything from mobile security to Internet verification software. Additional claims by cyber investment firm Signa Hill report that the number of cyber security companies doubled between 2011 and 2012. The point being, the trend is still growing and investors who want to get in the game would do well to seek out opportunities now. Both domestic companies like Palo Alto Networks in Santa Clara, which went public last year and predicts a 40 percent revenue growth for 2014, or international ones like Check Point Software technologies in Tel Aviv, which just saw a one year return increase of 40 percent, are good resources to study. As always, investing in technology requires plenty of research and knowledge, since software designs can change (and be hacked) almost overnight.   RYAN THOMAS


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