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Making Education Exciting


Launched this month, Morgan Run Country Club now offers an After-School Tutoring and Homework Club, and the Robotics and Builders Program put on by ClubXcite as part of a program for local residents. ClubXcite provides enrichment opportunities for kids and teens through social, small group activities, and was selected to host the after-school program due to its unique approach. Beyond providing direction on specific subjects, the tutoring club coaches children on their study habits, test-taking skills, organizational methods, memorization practices, and problem-solving clues. Once children complete their homework, they can join ClubXcite coaches in the Robotics and Builders Club, a one-of-a-kind, technical class for those interested in building and de-construction. Through this program, children utilize and improve upon their dexterity, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving abilities, teamwork, and imaginative skills. Each project is tailored to the skill level and interests of those enrolled, and children will be able to take many of their projects home. (858/779-9674, www.exciteway.com, www.morganrun.com)    JANESHIOMI


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