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The Sport of Investing


October is a great month for sports fanatics and investors. Baseball’s World Series gets underway, football season is kicking off, and ski season is just around the corner. There are a number of aspects to invest in when it comes to your favorite team, like buying public shares in teams like the Green Bay Packers or New York Rangers. While they usually result more in bragging rights, you can always look overseas, where investors are seeing real profits. Shares of publicly-traded European soccer teams like Manchester United and Juventus are up 10-30 percent this year.

If the teams themselves aren’t your thing, consider apparel. Jerseys and other paraphernalia sell like hotcakes this time of year, so looking at the companies making uniforms, such as Nike or Adidas, or the stores selling them, like Foot Locker, can lead to nice returns. Snowboard manufacturers, ski tour groups, even lodges can always use the help too, and with smaller companies, your voice can be heard.   RYAN THOMAS


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