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Clay Date: Acclaimed S.D. ceramicist Josh Herman unveils studio in Barrio Logan


If anyone can shape and form a Barrio Logan warehouse into the Tao of Clay, its celebrated and Hollywood-approved ceramicist Josh Herman. With a focus on melding clay artistry with mindfulness and organicity, Tao of Clay provides a space for self-discovery through creative expression. 

Josh Herman

Building on the foundation of his long-time personal studio, Herman has transformed the space into a vibrant community hub for ceramicists. Tao of Clay, which opened June 1, offers memberships, classes, and guest artist workshops. 

“It’s a place where making art isn’t just about what you create, but also about discovering yourself along the way,” says Herman. “At Tao of Clay, we believe in the transformative power of art and the importance of self-exploration.”


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