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2013 Auto Showcase


The recent Los Angeles Auto Show is the perfect place to introduce Jaguar’s new sportscar along with a handful of other luxury production and concept cars.


Jaguar F-Type

It’s been way too long since Jaguar had a real sportscar in its lineup. While the XK coupe and convertible series reach back to the E-Type styling cues of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, Jaguar started car life with two passenger roadsters. Now the venerable automaker has returned to its roots.

Chief designer Ian Cullum crafted a stunning aluminum body that looks great from any angle. And since it’s lightweight, the standard supercharged V-6 engine provides 340hp and reasonable fuel economy. For enthusiasts who wish for more, the “S” V-6 up the heat to 380hp and the V-8 “S” is 495hp. And the best news is that pricing ranges from $69,000 to $92,000. Cars arrive at dealers next summer.


Range Rover

Land Rover’s big, competent sports utility has been completely reengineered with all aluminum construction. The change resulted in a lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicle without losing any of its off-road capability. In fact, it’s the most comfortable and overqualified people hauler on the planet. The perfect vehicle to head to the ski areas in without worry. Pricing ranges from $83,500 to $130,950 and the newest Rover is arriving in dealerships now.


Mercedes-Benz G-Force

For those who thought Mercedes had gone a bit soft in their SUV offerings, the German automaker wants to remind the public that it still offers military-grade capability in its G-550. To do just that, it unveiled the G-Force concept, a bit of an over-the-top creation that some suggest may hint at the next generation styling. To change anything about the G’s design would be remarkable since it’s appearance has remained untouched for 40-years.


Acura RLX

Acura has struggled with flagship sedans since its pioneering Legend model was succeeded by the RL in 1995. Pundits have suggested a bigger car V-8 power was required, but today that market is shrinking. So Acura has incorporated a high-tech solution that fits its culture and brand image. A new Super Hybrid, Super Handling version of the RLX will distribute 370hp to four wheels with a V-6 up front and two electric drive motors in the rear. Add a novel rear wheel steering scheme for crisp handling and maneuverability, and this Acura may attract tech-savvy buyers. Five grades of RLX models reach showrooms in the spring of 2013.


Porsche Cayman

Longer, lower and wider in automotive parlance usually suggests heavier and less efficient. But Porsche has grown the Cayman model just a wee bit in length and width while shrinking the height a smidgen while carving off some weight. The German automaker has pulled off a similar hat trick with the standard flat-six engine, reducing its size to 2.7-liters from 2.9 while increasing the horsepower. The result is a better looking Cayman with improved performance and higher fuel economy. Cars will head to our shores next spring.


BMW i3 Concept

BMW keeps teasing the public with dramatically styled and sporty electric vehicles. The most recent was the electric coupe that made a cameo appearance in Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol. This latest i3 endeavor, although less sporty, promises light and lively transportation for four with a novel navigation system that reports real electric range available. On the other hand, BMW did not disclose what EPA range they expect or how much the i3 might cost if they decide to build it.   BRIAN DOUGLAS


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