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Going Turnkey

Barçon Cocktail Co.

Barçon Cocktail Co.

Cocktail catering company offers tips for seamless holiday sips

Posted on November 28, 2018

With roots in the Normal Heights cocktail lounge Sycamore Den, UTC-based Barçon Cocktail Co. is a full-service bar catering company that serves not just San Diego, but all of Southern California. Owner Juan Miron, who also owns its sister company, Miho Catering Co., says Barçon was founded on a simple notion. “You deserve a good drink no matter where you are — and especially when celebrating a special occasion,” he says. So, just in time for holiday entertaining, we caught up with Miron to learn his tips and preferences for flawless seasonal partying.

Barçon Cocktail Co.

“Since the holidays can be a hectic time, keep it simple with easy-to-find seasonal ingredients,” he instructs, adding that for gatherings of over 15 to 20 people, one should consider batching cocktails or mixing punches. He likes punches because it’s easy to throw a bunch of ingredients in a bowl and then adjust to taste. For those who want to go a little more sophisticated route, he offers batching tips.

“All ingredients can be combined ahead of time except for fresh juices, especially citrus, which ideally you want to add when preparing the actual drink. Multiply the drink recipe quantities by number of guests, then again by number of drinks you estimate each person to drink — generally two,” he instructs. Miron also suggests having beer, a sparkling wine, and an aperitif on hand.

Barçon Cocktail Co.

Where do hosts usually go wrong? Miron thinks that people wrongly assume their drink options need to be overly elaborate. “All you need is quality food and drinks. That can be simple enough,” he says. He also thinks too many people go the “DIY” route thinking it’s easy before realizing they’re in over their heads. That’s where he comes in.

“The holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year, since we just finished catering lots of weddings, which are a different kind of party atmosphere. We do all kinds of holiday parties — both corporate and private gatherings at homes,” Miron says. He adds that people tend to want more cocktail-style celebrations, which means heavy hors d’oeuvres; stations like raw bar, caviar, small plates, and more customized menus for both food and cocktails.

Barçon Cocktail Co.


“With Barçon, we focus on custom experiences,” he says. “We have a client who has hired us for her last four holiday parties and every year it’s a whole new menu. This year, her theme is ‘Après Ski,’ which is especially fun for Southern California.” Miron says he has also received a specific request for private tastings, so they brought in a representative from tequila brand Fortaleza to guide guests through a surprise tequila tasting. Another thing he enjoys setting up is an Aperol Spritz welcome station which, he says, “instantly lets guests know they’re in for a treat.”

Skipping the hassle and going turnkey for the holidays never sounded so good. barconcocktails.com   Jackie Bryant

Barçon Cocktail Co.

Photography by Megan Guerrero


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