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Bringing Good Ashore

Bringing Good Ashore

Bringing Good Ashore

Posted on Feb. 21, 2017

Catalina Offshore Products celebrated the New Year by toasting to 40 years in the seafood business. The wholesale distributor and retailer marked the milestone by renewing its partnership with Kitchens For Good, a nonprofit that aims to break the cycles of food waste, poverty, and hunger through workforce training and other programs. From January 1 through February 9, Catalina Offshore has pledged to donate one pound of fish to Kitchens for Good for every 40 pounds of seafood sold through its fish market.

Family-owned and operated since 1977 and overseen by founder Dave Rudie, Catalina Offshore encompasses a wholesale division, online store, and walk-in fish market, and specializes in wild species found off the West Coast from Baja California to the Pacific Northwest. It counts some of the nation’s top chefs and restaurants among its customers, and due to a commitment to sourcing from responsible fisheries, nearly 75 percent of the seafood sold is sustainable.

The San Diego company also hosts Collaboration Kitchen, a volunteer-run dinner series that raises money for other nonprofits. Created six years ago by Catalina Offshore’s fishmonger, Tommy Gomes, its mission is to educate consumers about seafood, promote local chefs, and have fun — all while supporting a good cause. “We have managed to create a community that feels more like a family,” says Gomes. “To be here after 40 years, we must be doing something right.” 619.297.9797, catalinaop.com

Bringing Good Ashore
Tommy Gomes and Dave Rudie


Photo by Chris Rov Costa



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