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Modern Masters from Latin America

Modern Masters from Latin America

Modern Masters from Latin America

Through March 11, 2018

A staggeringly handsome exhibition has opened at The San Diego Museum of Art. Modern Masters from Latin America: The Perez Simon Collection is not only visually magnificent, it is expansive in content. Drawn from a premier private collection, the work spans the period from the late 1800s to the early 21st century, highlighting art from numerous Latin countries. Latin American art is strongly acknowledged for its part in crystalizing international style. Among topics explored are modern colonial history, landscape painting, symbolism, Surrealism, Abstraction, indigenous people and customs, and modernity in relation to the metropolis. The exhibition is presented in three sections: “Landscape and Identity,” “The Avante-Garde Explosion,” and “Breaking Boundaries: Post 1960s Diversity and Dystopia.” All of the art is accessible to viewers on emotional, intellectual, and technical levels. Some of the many notable artists represented in the show are Alfredo Castañeda, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and Rufino Tamayo. They are all masters of media, so gripping in delivery of images that viewers will want to return to see those visuals repeatedly. 619.232.7931, sdmart.org   Darlene G. Davies

Frida Kahlo, Girl form Tehuacán, Lucha María or Sun and Moon (Niña Tehuacana, Lucha María o Sol y luna), 1942. Oil on Masonite. Colección Pérez Simón, Mexico © Rafael Doniz 
Rufino Tamayo, Laborer Rhythm (Ritmo obrero), 1935. Oil on canvas. Colección Pérez Simón, Mexico © Arturo Piera


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