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Cosmic Collisions


A spectacular immersive digital theater experience, Cosmic Collisions, narrated by award-winning actor, director, and producer Robert Redford, crashes into the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s Eugene Heikoff and Marilyn Jacobs Heikoff Dome Theater on Saturday, January 19. Featuring stunning images from space and breathtaking visualizations based on cutting-edge scientific data, Cosmic Collisions reveals the unimaginable, explosive encounters that shaped our solar system, changed the course of life on Earth, and continue to transform our galaxy and dynamic universe.


From subatomic particles to the largest galaxies, cosmic collisions are a universal force of nature that have resulted in many things we take for granted — the luminescent Moon, the Sun’s warmth and light, our changing seasons and waves washing up on a sandy shore. Cosmic Collisions provides an unprecedented and extraordinary view of the events — both catastrophic and constructive — that have shaped our world and our universe. Feel the ground shake beneath you while you experience a thrilling recreation of the meteorite impact that hastened the end of the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago and cleared the way for mammals like us to thrive.


Cosmic Collisions was written by Stephanie Abrams, award-winning writer and director of documentaries for PBS and USA Networks, and Emmy Award-winner Louise A. Gikow, with music by renowned Brazilian pianist and composer Marcelo Zarvos and award-winning composer Robert Miller. (619.238.1233, www.rhfleet.org/shows)


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