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Top tips for maximum wellness in 2021

We present expert tips from pros who really know how to help you make this your best year yet

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We’re all ready to hit the reset button. Forget what is still beyond our control — the good news is that there are a number of things in our lives that we can control, such as our health and wellness, and even a little outer beauty, too. We present expert tips from pros who really know how to help you make this your best year yet.

Our Panel of Local Experts

Angie Cohen,
owner, StretchLab Solana Beach and StretchLab Del Mar,

Munzer Sundos, PhD,
founder, Nupeutics Health,

Ana Nieto,
creator of Mindful Online Workouts,

Ginger Sweetan, ND,
President and CEO, NaturopathicRx,

Tracy Younger,
founder and CEO, Alchemē Health,

Detox and Clean Things Up! Dr. Sundos at Carmel Valley-based herbal supplement company Nupeutics Health advises simply: “We all need to give our liver a break, especially after the holidays.” Those ready to dive in headfirst might want to consider Mindful Online Workout’s 21-day cleanse. The Quantum Program, designed by Nieto, a nurse, personal trainer, and nutrition specialist, is a guided three-week overall transformational shift beginning January 11 that can take you from unhealthy eating habits, an inactive lifestyle, or stress and lack of sleep to a daily exercise routine, a nutritional plan that works for you, decreased stress and better sleep, and the ability to pinpoint causes of struggle. Besides eating a diet rich in clean and nutrient-dense foods, naturopathic doctor Sweetan advises giving your body additional support through the cleanse with homeopathic therapies such as IV therapy, infrared sauna, medicinal peat baths, and alternating hot and cold hydrotherapy treatments.

Create a Happy Gut. With or without a cleanse, you want to give your gastrointestinal (GI) tract some love. It makes up a large part of your immune system — up to 70 percent! Nupeutics’s Microbiome Master supplement is designed for anyone who suffers from lowered immunity, has intense sugar cravings or skin issues, grinds their teeth excessively at night, has digestive issues, or trouble with bowel movements, bloating, or brain fog. Or, tackle inflammation with the company’s Inflammation Master formula, designed for those suffering from a painful injury, post-surgical healing, brain inflammation and autoimmune conditions, arthritis, sinusitis, or swollen joints. It’s essentially an all-natural pain reliever.

Four rainbow bottles of Nupeutics

Get a Good Night’s Rest. Studies show that not getting enough sleep greatly affects how well your immunity cells function. So, make a sleep routine and stick to it. Be sure to turn off all electronics at least one hour before bed to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly (you can do it!). Still sound impossible? There’s help. Designed for adults, Nupeutics’ Sleep Master is a safe supplement that can be used by anyone suffering from insomnia or irregular sleep patterns.

Fitness Isn’t Just Exercise. “Seeking out activities to help your mental and physical health should be everyone’s 2021 resolution!” says StretchLab owner Cohen. “A consistent stretch program is an integral part of any wellness routine to increase your mobility, range of motion, and ultimately improve the way you move.” A key recommendation: Use recovery modalities that compliment your workouts so you can continue to be motivated throughout the whole year and not just in January. Trained pros at her Solana Beach and (soon-to-open) Del Mar locations can evaluate exactly what your body needs to stay limber, active, and move the way it was intended to. “After all, movement is medicine!” says Cohen.

Stretching at StretchLab Solana Beach

Protect Your Biggest Organ: Your Skin. When you look good on the outside, you feel good inside. Alchemē Health’s Younger encourages sun protection daily (re-applied every two hours), a skincare routine that utilizes a combination of antioxidants, retinol, and SPF (Alchemē Vibrant Boost Vitamin C/E/Ferulic Acid Serum, Skinbetter AlphaRet Retinol Cream, or Sente Dermal Repair Cream), and a vitamin regimen for inside-out health. Incorporate IPLs to even out skin tone, resurfacing lasers to address texture, and Botox and fillers to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss as part of your overall regimen. All are available for a complete skin treatment program at Alchemē at One Paseo.

Take Time to Be Still. Meditation isn’t the mysterious ritual it once was. It’s now a widely accepted part of a regular wellness routine that’s known to improve conditions such as depression, anxiety, poor focus and concentration, memory loss, sleep issues, body inflammation, decreased energy, and enzymatic activity in aging (think: anti-aging). Sweetan recommends Kirtan Kriya, a form recommended by The Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation. Unlike static meditation, this practice involves small finger movements and sound. “This can make doing it more appealing to those who feel challenged by sitting in silence,” acknowledges Sweetan.  

Look Beyond Traditional Medicine. Consider working with a naturopath to focus on the business of being healthy rather than simply using medicine to treat illness. Sweetan recommends Heart Math emWave or Autogenics Biofeedback, offered at her Fairbanks Ranch office. Both methods “teach you how to regulate your body and reframe how you function in the world.” Put simply, “It means developing the ability to recognize and modify patterns such as elevated heart rate, abnormal breathing, flushing, voice changes, and trembling that can occur as a result of certain illnesses and/or stress. Although healthy people experience great benefit with use, research shows that people with cardiac arrhythmias, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, hypertension, ADHD, insomnia, and asthma see marked improvements in their wellbeing.” 


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