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Three Decades Of Discovery


The Gifted Preschool (GPS) in Encinitas is excited about its 30th year of teaching North County’s brightest two-, three-, and four-year-old children. Basic goals and objectives in GPS’ classes are met creatively through language exercises, conversation, stories, word games, and the written word. Mathematical concepts are conveyed through the use of materials such as sand and water, which convey rudimentary concepts of quantity and volume. Fine motor coordination is taught with blocks, tools, paint, clay, and puzzles. Gifted children are alert beyond their years, and are very observant with remarkable memories that possess vast information on matters they think are important. GPS’ staff groups like children together so that bright tykes have playmates of similar social, physical, and intellectual levels. Enrichment classes offer instruction in art, music, rhythmic development, movement, muscle stretching, dance, science, and more. With year-round enrollment available, GPS also offers a variety of flexible school schedules with morning, afternoon, half-day, three-quarter day, and full-day sessions available between 7am-6pm, Monday
through Friday. (760/436-9666, www.giftedpreschool.com)   MIA STEFANKO


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