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Paix Medicine

Posted on August 29, 2018

The recent debut of Paix Medicine in Del Rayo Village was a long time coming for founders Elizabeth Dudek, ND and Ariana Lutzi, ND. The naturopathic office, offering everything from bioidentical hormones, blood analysis, lab testing, and IV therapy to nutritional testing, pain management, and homeopathy, had been a dream for the duo since they were roommates in medical school. Dudek and Lutzi will help clients achieve their best health, which is at the core of the philosophy of naturopathic medicine. “We believe that health is the natural state of being, and it’s our job to restore that using our tools,” says Dudek. 858.771.1980   Deanna Murphy

Paix Medicine
Elizabeth Dudek, ND and Ariana Lutzi, ND

Photo by Vincent Knakal

Four Comments

  • Jeanette Escobedo


    Congratulations! Wishing you health and success in your endeavors.

  • Sandi Weaver


    Congratulations, Ariana! Will come see you!

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