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Special offer for Ranch & Coast readers: Invest in your health at Cal-a-Vie Spa

Nestled away on more than 500 private acres in Vista, Cal-a-Vie is a destination health spa resort offering a 5:1 staff-to-guest ratio with 32 private villas and an adjoining country club and 18-hole golf course.

Cal-a-vie health spa resort

Nestled away on more than 500 private acres in Vista, Cal-a-Vie is a destination health spa resort offering a 5:1 staff-to-guest ratio with 32 private villas and an adjoining country club and 18-hole golf course. Cal-a-Vie combines luxurious European spa philosophies with the California concepts of fitness, health, and nutrition. The French Provençal-styled retreat is embellished with historical pieces and antiques from Europe including a 400-year-old chapel and l’orangerie from Dijon, France. There is also an antique store exclusively available to guests. Cal-a-Vie offers three-, four-, and seven-night spa vacation packages that include gourmet cuisine, more than 160 fitness classes, aerial yoga, cryotherapy, hiking, beauty and spa treatments, mind-body awareness programs, lectures, guest speakers, and accommodations.

Cal-a-vie health spa resort

For those wanting to focus on wellness from the comforts of home, the Cal-a-Vie cleanse is a 14-day at-home program complete with meal plans, supplements, and support. The goal of the cleanse is to remove potentially inflammatory trigger foods: eggs, diary, gluten, soy, corn, pork, shellfish, and added sugar. The cleanse also repairs and restores the body with supplements geared to offer liver detoxification support, gut health and elimination support, and nutrient optimization. A unique factor of the cleanse is coaching from Cal-a-Vie’s dieticians, along with exclusive access to a private Facebook group. The cost of the cleanse is $1,500, which includes the option to start the food portion of the program during your stay, the opportunity to extend to a 28-day cleanse with additional meal plans and recipes, and a copy of Cal-A-Vie’s new cookbook, Beautiful Living: Cooking the Cal-a-Vie Health Spa Way. Part instructional cookbook and part lifestyle guide, the exquisitely photographed hardbound book features 304 pages filled with Cal-a-Vie’s most popular recipes photographed amidst the retreat’s elegant backdrop. Beautiful Living reveals the technique and flavors behind the Cal-a-Vie kitchen, along with advice for living a healthy lifestyle to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Executive Chef Curtis Cooke shares more than 100 healthy recipes created for Cal-a-Vie guests, from Carrot Coconut Soup and Blueberry Lemon Muffins to Caviar Salmon Cucumber Crudité and Seared Bronzini with Chanterelle Mushrooms Puree and Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Cal-a-vie health spa resort

Each recipe in Beautiful Living was written, developed, and tested in Cal-a-Vie’s renowned kitchen, empowering home cooks with the confidence to take the spa’s delectable cuisine to the table for family and friends. A complete nutritional breakdown is included for every recipe, with calories, carbohydrates, fat, sodium, protein, sugar, and fiber detailed by expert registered dietitian May Tom. Beautiful Living also shares the inspiring story of how Cal-a-Vie owners Terri and John Havens turned their California retreat into one of the best health spas in the world. On the release of the cookbook, Terri Havens said, “Our guests often refer to their time spent at Cal-a-Vie as life-altering. It’s a place to renew, relax, and energize your life. Beautiful Living provides practical and useful new cooking techniques to try at home, the guidance to create healthy and low-calorie meals for family and friends, and inspirational tips to make the most of every day for lifelong health and happiness.” cal-a-vie.com/cookbook, cal-a-vie.com

Special offer for Ranch & Coast readers: Now through December 31, 2020, receive 15% off a 7-, 4-, or 3-night package. (Based on availability; not to be combined with any other offer. Offer valid for first time guests only.) Mention Ranch & Coast when booking. 888.373.8773, cal-a-vie.com/reservation

Sunset labrinth at Cal-A-Vie
Sunset labrinth at Cal-A-Vie


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