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Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority

Posted on February 11, 2018

Discussing transitions and making decisions for an aging loved one can be overwhelming and emotional. Enter Senior Care Authority San Diego, a community-focused team of caring professionals that helps seniors and their families find the best options for memory care, assisted living, and independent living, be it at home or in a community setting. SCA’s team of experts share a mutual respect and compassion for serving seniors, masterfully managing the scope of the business from their posts as operator of an assisted living community, med technician, caregiver, orthopedic specialist, architect, lender, and licensed real estate professionals. The culmination of these skills forms a reliable resource for families, providing peace of mind when navigating senior living and health care options.

“My husband and I established SCA after we helped our own parents and family friends who transitioned from independent living at home to places that better catered to their changing lifestyles and care needs,” says founder Christine Schultz. “I had the architecture, real estate, and finance skills, while my husband had the healthcare and insurance knowledge, and together we created a strong skillset for long-term care planning. Our team provides families with personalized service, which helps to cut out the time-consuming research, while empowering people to make well-informed decisions.”

Schultz says SCA’s greatest satisfaction comes from placing seniors into safe environments to reduce age-related accidents and injuries, while maintaining their quality of life. 619.930.9098, seniorcare-sandiego.com

Senior Care Authority


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