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Welcome Spa NaMara


Nestled inside Del Mar’s Stratford Inn, the new Spa Na’Mara offers a variety of treatments and services that help achieve maximum rejuvenation. Meaning “Spa by the Sea” in Gaelic, Spa Na’Mara integrates its ocean surroundings into its aquatic-inspired décor, facials with marine botanical ingredients, vegan nail therapy treatments, and massages performed with organic oils and lotions. Classic treatments include the Ocean Essence Signature Massage, Na’Mara Custom Couples Massage, Sea Scrub and Thermal Poultice Wrap, and Urban Escape Organic Facial.

The new spa is one of the initial renovations to the Stratford Inn, which will also feature façade improvements and a new restaurant, among other upgrades. In addition, all guest rooms have been fully remodeled. (858/356-0307, www.spanamara.com)   JANE SHIOMI


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