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San Diego Jewish Academy Graduates


The 2009 graduating class at San Diego Jewish Academy (SDJA) had nine lifers — students who attended the school from kindergarten to 12th grade. Lifer Micah Frank shared his and his classmates’ experience at SDJA in his graduation speech and celebrated their friendship and kindness. “What’s noteworthy about the class of 2009 is the leadership they provided as exemplary role models,” says Principal Jeff Davis. “They displayed all the characteristics of kindness, thoughtfulness, and caring.” The 38 graduating seniors have been accepted to colleges and universities around the country, including Brown University, UCLA, Washington University, New York University, and Emory. SDJA pushes students to reach their full potential and develop independent minds of strong moral and ethical character, while inspiring them to value Judaism as a vital and relevant part of their lives.   MASON RICHEY


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