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Parenting from the Heart

Parenting from the Heart

Parenting from the Heart

Posted on Feb. 16, 2017

When marketing pro Wendy Snyder left her career after the birth of her second child to stay home to raise her family, which she admits thinking would be “completely dreamy and amazing,” she was quickly shocked by just how hard it was. She discovered the popular Redirecting Children’s Behavior parenting education course and her life was forever changed. Now herself a certified parent educator and the owner of Fresh Start Parenting in Encinitas, Snyder offers intimate group or private coaching sessions and monthly weeknight seminars, teaching families how to work together and solve conflicts peacefully even through the most challenging days and phases. “I want everyone to know that they have so many options on ways to teach their children that are kind, compassionate, and sympathetic, but also firm,” she says. “My goal is to have families expand their heart, learn new tools, and strengthen their family.” freshstartparentingrcb.com   Deanna Murphy

Parenting from the Heart
Wendy Snyder and family



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