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An Ocean Lover’s Opus

Ocean Lover’s Opus

Ocean Lover’s OpusAn Ocean Lover’s Opus

Posted on February 21, 2018

Six-time children’s book author and Del Mar resident Dr. Udo Wahn teamed up with his middle school-age son Paolo Cabo to pen the latest installment in his Cabo and Coral book series, Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger: Understanding Climate Change. This newest title introduces Kelpy the octopus, who is returned to the ocean after spending time in an aquarium only to find his former home unrecognizable. The series’ main characters, Cabo and Coral, step in to help Kelpy understand the impact of climate change on his ocean abode.

This and all of the Cabo and Coral books are rooted in Wahn’s love for the ocean. Each book is a powerful means of educating the next generation on the importance of the ocean’s health and what people can do to have a positive impact, all in a gentle voice that educates without preaching. Previous books in the series have focused on different aspects of living in harmony with the ocean, and proceeds from the books’ sales have benefitted the Surfrider Foundation and Helen Woodward Animal Center. Wahn, a retired physician, is a volunteer Surfrider Foundation member, where he serves as a liaison to the S.T.O.P. Coastal Climate Impacts Committee. caboandcoral.com

Ocean Lover’s Opus
Udo Wahn and Paolo Cabo


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