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Kids Korps


Kids Korps USA is a national nonprofit youth volunteer organization that engages young people, ages 5-25, in community service. Kids Korps believes that education and enrichment go hand in hand in creating future leaders. The benefit of Kids Korps is measured in more than 100,000 volunteer hours and 1,300 community service projects that benefit more than 350 nonprofit service organizations and 100,000 people annually. The lifelong benefit to young volunteers is an increase in their level of maturity, empathy, and positive perspective.  

Enrichment: Teen Korps National Youth Leadership Council
Kids Korps has created a National Youth Leadership Council that fulfills its mission “to instill in America’s youth the spirit of giving while providing valuable education in leadership and responsibility.” Youth Leadership Council members are ambassadors inspiring other youth they work with. Members make a 12-month commitment to attend meetings and work with peers and community leaders to develop needs assessment, outreach programs, and fundraising efforts. Youth Leadership Council members will assist in quarterly events and programs, ultimately developing and mentoring a Green Korps Youth Action Council serving under-resourced communities such as City Heights & Native American reservations.

Education: Green Korps Environmental Stewardship

In 2007, Kids Korps created a brand and launched an initiative designed to educate youth in the restoration and protection of natural environments, while promoting energy-efficiency and conservation. Green Korps engages youth volunteers, their families, teachers, mentors, and educators in ecologically-based service learning and volunteer outreach programs supporting nearly 50 environmental service organizations. Green Korps emphasizes ecology, environmental stewardship, habitat protection, restoration, and rehabilitation through hands-on projects and educational initiatives such as “smART meter,” a program through which volunteers turn old power meters into works of recycled art for the purpose of educating others on energy conservation.

The Teen Korps Youth Leadership Council is made possible through funding by Starbucks and Green Korps is presented by The Sempra Energy Foundation — proud partners in Kids Korps’ environmental stewardship, habitat protection and restoration, and community development programs. (760/452-2676, www.kidskorps.org)


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