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Tips For Staying Healthy During The Holidays

Staying Healthy During The Holidays

Tips For Staying Healthy During The Holidays

Part two in our three-part series highlights health and wellness tips worth sticking to this holiday season. Remember – taking care of yourself will allow you to fully enjoy this joyful time, rather than merely survive it.

Take Care Of Your Digestive Tract
And by that, we mean steer clear of the gingerbread cookies and other holiday sweets. Amanda Ward, ND, of Bloom Natural Health in Leucadia, advises, “Avoid the number one killer of your immune system – sugar. Sugar has been proven repeatedly to kill precious immune cells that protect us from infection and even from cancers.” Ward points out that many experts believe that the rise in flus and colds in the winter months is largely due to the increase in holiday treat consumption. “Even with alcoholic beverages – opt for things like vodka and mineral water, which has considerably less sugar than beer or wine.”

To avoid feeling as stuffed as your holiday turkey, Ward suggests two supplements – the first being a digestive enzyme, specifically one with hydrochloride acid, taken at the beginning of a meal. “This helps your body to break down and process the food so that it will be less likely to cause bloating and stomach pain.” The second is a probiotic – all the good bacteria needed by your intestinal tract. “Just remember that 80 percent of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Treat it right and your entire body benefits.”

And as a general rule of thumb, Mark Stengler, NMD, of Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine, says, “Take a light walk after meals to reduce blood sugar levels and prevent fatigue.”

Be Mindful Of Your Mindset

Danielle Weiss, MD, of Integrative Wellness Medical Group in Solana Beach, says, “Appreciating the simple but amazing journey even a simple leaf of lettuce must take to reach your plate – who planted the seed, who picked the lettuce, who made the salad – and focusing on the colors, aromas, textures and nutrients, will not only enhance your experience but your health.”

The husband and wife team at Tune Chiropractic, Health & Healing in Solana Beach also stress the importance of a shift of perspective. Intuitive wellness and reiki practitioner Jenna Gessay says that the stress that originates from feeling a lack of time, money, and energy can throw us into a place where we are just surviving rather than thriving. “Take a minute to breathe deeply with your eyes closed,” advises Jenna. “Remember all that you are grateful for.” Breathe in the abundance of joy, love, and magic of the season. Bring in the smells, songs, flavors, comfort, warmth, and peace that surround the best of what the holidays have to offer. This practice can have a profoundly positive impact on energy and stress levels.

Husband Ryan Gessay, DC, agrees, pointing out the importance of a positive emotional state. “Emotions influence our physiology, and our physiology is our health,” says Ryan. “Being grateful for family, friends, health, and life in general creates an internal state of ease and harmony. When we are in this state everything in life can function better from the way our body is assimilating the wonderful holiday food we are eating to the conversation we may be having with a loved one. Gratitude is a wonderful way to stay present and keep us out of the “fight or flight” experience. Give, celebrate, and be grateful! Mia Stefanko

Staying Healthy During The Holidays
Tips for Staying Healthy During The Holidays


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