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The Paleo Path


The Paleo Path

Camille Macres was a natural chef for nearly a decade before she discovered the Paleo diet. Now the charismatic local culinary talent is one of Paleo’s biggest boosters, with a brand-new TV show following on the heels of her popular cookbook.

“I’d done gluten- and dairy- and soy-free,” says Macres, author of Paleogasm and a YouTube personality. “I even started a software company, Recipes Rx, that gave people recipes for their unique health profiles. But I was working too much and never feeling very well.”

Not long after a naturopathic doctor suggested Macres had an underactive thyroid and adrenal fatigue, a friend mentioned Paleo, which is sometimes called the caveman diet. Macres read up on it and decided to give it a try.

“I wrote my cookbook in the first three months of eating Paleo,” says Macre, who felt better almost immediately. “I was so motivated and inspired.”

Macres is quick to clear up misconceptions about Paleo, which excludes grains and processed foods in favor of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. “It doesn’t need to be a rigid diet,” she explains. “For me it’s about getting back to eating whole foods. It’s less about dogma and more about lifestyle.”

That lifestyle is delicious if Macres’ inventive and healthy recipes are any indication. Those hungering for more should check out Camille’s Paleo Kitchen episodes, available on Macres’ Web site. www.paleokitchen.tv  ANNAMARIA STEPHENS

The Paleo Path
Camille Macres


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