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Tap Your Way To Good Health


Put new pep in your step with a creative and upbeat fitness program. North County’s FitTAP was founded in 2005 by Sylvania Reyna and is based upon her 30 years in the fitness industry, her dance degree, and a lifelong love of dance and movement. As the name implies, FitTAP is Reyna’s “effective fusion of fitness principles using tap dancing as a wonderfully fun way for adults to strengthen heart, body, and mind while burning calories and improving rhythm, balance, and coordination.” She explains, “I found that so many adults from ages 18 to 81 have always wanted to tap, or tapped when they were young and wanted to tap as adults.”


Three class levels — FitTAP Basics, Beyond Basics, and Challenge — are offered for various fitness and skill levels, while Sylvania’s Superior Core Class combines her extensive training in Pilates and ballet with the best resistance training, creating a conditioning core class that is a perfect complement to FitTAP, or any cardio program. She notes, “This class promotes postural integrity, muscular balance, and overall toning with the added benefit of tighter abs and arms.”


As for the most rewarding thing about what Reyna does? “Hearing the fun my students are having with their feet, and seeing the joy in their faces while they forget that they are exercising everything from the top of their head to their toes.”


She concludes, “With so much research supporting the link between dance and memory, FitTAP is a great way to engage the mind while exercising.” After all, doesn’t it “sound like more fun than the ‘dreadmill’ at the gym?” she jokes. As a FitTapper myself, I can say with certainty that it is. (760/633-3495, www.fittap.net)   MIA STEFANKO 


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