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Preventive Care With Flair


Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry is set to celebrate Independence Day for the month of July with plenty of giveaways and fun for your child. The husband and wife team of doctors Darshan Dabir and Via Cuisia, along with their dental team, are experts in preventive care for children from birth to adolescence.

They are not only there to treat cavities or dental problems, but also prevent them. It is their goal to provide tools, information, and anticipatory guidance to instill positive oral health habits that will help your child for a lifetime. Positive reinforcement and child-friendly descriptions help your child feel at ease during dental care. Carlsbad Children’s Dentistry has a mission to provide excellent care for all of its patients. Learn more about the team on their Web site, and like them on Facebook to stay updated on sweepstakes, contests, and events. (760/633-1131, www.sunnysmilez.com)


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