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Prepare For Summer Inside & Out


Beauty begins on the inside, and we don’t just mean that metaphorically. When you treat your body well, your outer beauty gets a big boost too. We rounded up a few local experts to tell us how to be healthy — and head-turning! — all summer.   ANNAMARIA STEPHENS

Alex Spratt, personal trainer and co-owner of Encinitas’ Greenasium Fitness, on shaping up:
“Get outside and get moving! The more we move, the more calories we burn. Try to be active in the early morning or late evening to avoid overheating. Being outdoors will strengthen the bond between your body and the environment.”

“Stay hydrated with natural H2O and ditch the flavored waters. Sports drinks were invented for high-level athletes. If you’re working out fewer than six times a week you don’t need all that sugar.”
“Finally, incorporate strength training into your routine. Yes, you too, women! By increasing muscle density we turn our bodies into fat-burning machines.”

Nisha Bunke, MD, vascular medicine specialist at La Jolla Vein Care, on options for unsightly leg veins: “Since surgery is no longer used for leg vein problems, there are no cuts or scarring. We use a radiofrequency device to treat large veins and sclerotherapy to treat smaller veins.”

“Depending on the severity of the leg vein problem, the healing process can take several weeks. For cosmetic purposes, patients who have trips planned for the end of summer should get started right away. If you have a trip planned for next summer, get the treatment this fall to ensure plenty of time to heal.”

“In the case of leg pain and other symptoms related to vein problems, some patients seek treatment before a trip so that they can walk and enjoy themselves without pain.”

Kelly Austin, ND, clinic director and onsite resident doctor, the Wellness Center in Solana Beach, on health-boosting naturopathic treatments:
“With all the sun exposure, we want to minimize skin damage. Making sure you have enough antioxidants in your diet to protect your skin from the free radicals from the sun that damage the skin is important. Have a cup of blueberries everyday or take a good antioxidant supplement with alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C, which will provide your skin with protection.”

“With the beautiful weather comes more fitness activities. Having a B12 injection will boost your energy and provide the endurance help you may need with your long bike rides and runs. The injection will bypass the liver and digestive tract, and go directly into the bloodstream for an immediate effect.”

Nasrin Mani, MD of La Jolla Laser Center, on smoother skin for summer: “One of the fastest remedies for discoloration is the Fraxel Dual, a laser that is specific to pigmentation. By quickly forcing the exfoliation of upper-layer pigmentation, it’s easier to establish a program of pigment prevention with topical suppression agents like hydroquinone or natural pigment management combinations — in addition to sun block, of course.”

“More mature skin that’s beginning to show actinic keratosis can benefit considerably from Allumera. With a very low and manageable downtime, this treatment uses a light-activated solution to destroy precancerous cells and also provides skin with a polished glow.”


“If primarily discoloration is your biggest issue and your pocketbook can’t handle laser, we can customize skin-lightening programs according to your skin type and tone. It takes longer, but results can be accomplished in six weeks and maintained.”

William Heimer, MD, board-certified dermatologist of Surfside Dermatology, on achieving an instant lift: “A liquid facelift is just the right thing to get you looking your best for all your summer gatherings. Choose a little brow or eyelid lifting or a full cheek and mid-face instant lift. In just a few minutes you can move the clock back a decade or more, and enjoy the results through the summer and into the winter holidays. Newer, advanced techniques minimize the chances of bruising and swelling, making a liquid facelift just right for fitting into your busy schedule. This procedure is one of the most popular in my practice because of the instant gratification and the dramatic improvement that most patients see.”


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