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Green Tip: Eco-Friendly Yoga


Yoga that’s good for the body and the environment? You betcha. La Jolla’s newest neighbor, Sol Yoga, features countless eco-design components. Among them, Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC)-free paints, re-purposed woods, stone and carpet materials, energy-efficient light bulbs, bacteria-fighting HEPA filters, and flow-reduced plumbing. “Society does not share an unlimited supply of resources,” reminds co-owner Troy Burton. “Our studio operates to gently bring conscious awareness to this principle, have fun, and pay homage to our planet.” And in case you’re wondering, the “sol” in Sol Yoga refers to overhead radiant heat panels that beam sun-like warmth during classes — just a toasty 90 degrees or so. (858/452-9642, solyogastudios.com)   REBECCA CHAPPELL



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