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Balanced and Bright

Balanced and Bright

Balanced and Bright

It may be all the rage right now, but bone broth is no trend du jour. It’s basically the same stuff our great-grandmothers stirred in a big pot on the stove all day. The major buzz, though, is something new. Believers say broth is chock-full of health-boosting essential minerals. And one local entrepreneur has become San Diego’s go-to source for the liquid gold.

“A friend gave me a head’s up that it was a hot thing in New York,” says Quinn Wilson, who founded Balanced & Bright Bone Broth in late 2013. “I knew two weeks after making it for the first time that I was going to start a company here. I saw immediate effects.”

Balanced and Bright
Quinn Wilson

The touted benefits of broth include everything from better digestion and a stronger immune system to healthier bones and joints. Wilson also says it just tastes good. “Every culture in the world, rich or poor, has some version of bone broth,” she explains. “It’s a culinary staple. Mine is designed to be a neutral drinking tea. It slips into any recipe easily. I’ve even used it in apple pie.”

Wilson’s broth, which is made with grass-fed organic beef, is currently produced and sold at Del Mar’s Carnitas’ Snack Shack, with a big expansion in the works. She’s also testing out other versions, including one made from animals raised at Julian’s Cook Pigs Ranch.

“Broth is a true whole food,” says Wilson. “I’m at the point where I can’t imagine not drinking it every day.” balancedandbright@gmail.com, www.balancedandbright.com   ANNAMARIA STEPHENS


Quinn Wilson: Photo courtesy of Lick The Plate


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