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Achieving Integrated Wellness


Achieving Integrated Wellness

There’s no simple equation for optimal health and wellness, but striving for it is a lot easier when you have one-on-one help. Arnold Kremer, DO recently opened Del Mar Integrative Medicine because he wanted to offer truly individualized care for his patients.

“You can’t spend ten minutes with someone and know what’s really going on,” says Kremer. “A lot of time there are emotions and anxiety issues that contribute to disease processes. We’re not cars. I can’t just change an oil filter.”

Kremer, who offers everything from traditional checkups to cosmetic treatments at his new center, has a personal interest in health that began when he was a med school student. “I was overweight and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day,” he recalls. “I didn’t want to be a fat, sedentary, unhealthy doctor. So the next day I bought some sweats and started running.”

Practicing emergency medicine for many years also has opened Kremer’s eyes to the importance of wellness. “You see the results of bad health choices,” he explains. “It’s been my dream to get people in here, get them off their meds if possible, get them into a program of nutrition and exercise, and decrease the effects of aging that they’re experiencing.”

And by aging, he doesn’t just mean looks. “We want to age gracefully without pain and frustrations,” he says. “We want to follow our dreams no matter how old we are.”

Del Mar Integrative Medicine takes a holistic approach to health, incorporating services such as life coaching alongside alternative therapies like acupuncture, bio-identical hormone therapy, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, a relatively new treatment favored by pro athletes that speeds healing and relieves pain. Kremer also offers laser and filler services, because looking your best is always a positive health boost. 858.925.8233, delmarintegrativemedicine.com



Integrative wellness specialist Bianca Zable made a big difference in the lives of students when she taught them health and wellness strategies. Zable, a yoga teacher with an irrepressibly peppy personality, came up with a curriculum for Solana Beach’s Fusion Learning Center that is now a graduation requirement at the private school’s other campuses.

“I incorporated art therapy, music therapy, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and healthy habits,” says Zable, a fine arts major who earned a second degree in science while teaching so that she could become a trauma therapist. “I taught mindfulness and wellness to kids who were dealing with trauma and stress, kids who were on the spectrum.”

Today, Zable helms Be Integrative Wellness, where she creates custom wellness programs for corporate clients, whether that’s yoga workshops for employees or her Lunch and Learn sessions, 30-minute seminars with terrific tips for keeping body and mind healthy and happy.

Zable says she discovered her passion for wellness when she learned she’d been misdiagnosed — and overmedicated — for two decades of her life.
“I wanted to teach kids how to empower themselves through healthy choices and other practices that will nourish them, whether that’s yoga or painting,” she explains. “Tapping into your own potential and ability to express yourself can have a huge impact.” 858.437.7020, beintegrativewellness.com   ANNAMARIA STEPHENS


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