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A Beaming Journey


Two years ago Lisa Odenweller embarked on a personal wellness journey that opened her eyes to the true power of food as medicine. She was going through health and hormone challenges and was looking for natural remedies that didn’t involve a little white pill. One year later, after extensive research, Odenweller launched Beaming, a raw food cleansing program. But the journey doesn’t end there. Odenweller explains, “I am incredibly pleased and excited to announce the opening of Beaming’s first organic juice and superfood vitality bar, the bBar.” Located near Del Mar Kids off Via de la Valle in Del Mar, the bBar offers organic cold-pressed juices, an array of superfood smoothies, chopped salads, raw foods (lasagna, zucchini spaghetti), elixirs, and an incredible cleanse menu. “I am deeply honored that award-winning chef, Susan Sbicca [former co-owner and executive chef of the Sbicca and Meritage, and mastermind behind Millie’s Handcrafted Vegan Gelato] and San Francisco raw food chef, Simone Powers, along with our incredible team, have joined me to share our passion for wellness and providing delicious raw, organic vegan foods and juices for people of all ages to enjoy,” says Odenweller. (858.481.1222, www.bebeaming.com)    MIA STEFANKO


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