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Eco-Minded Education


Since its founding in 1973, Rancho Santa Fe’s Diegueño Country School has been green, with numerous programs and events that work towards saving the environment while instilling these core values in its students. The school even formed the first Southern California chapter of Roots and Shoots, an organization founded by Jane Goodall, PhD to help raise awareness and offer help to humans, animals, and the earth. “Inspiring children to understand and appreciate the beauty in our natural world has always been important at Diegueño Country School,” notes principal Denton Brazell. “Our school was honored by a personal visit from Jane Goodall, who spoke to all our students and shared her dedication to creating a healthy world. Her informed words of wisdom inspire us every day in our quest for being responsibly green.” Currently, the children are studying about the biomes of the world for Diegueño’s Geography Bee and Fair, with each class learning about a different biome and how to preserve it. In addition, the school is enhancing an awareness of the global need for education by sponsoring a school for 35 girls in the village of Mewat, India, named the Diegueño Daughters. Up next, on Earth Day, a guest speaker will address the students to increase awareness of current environmental concerns about clean air, clean water, and land preservation. (858/756-3603, www.diegueno.com)   MIA STEFANKO


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