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Cognition Ignition

Cognition Ignition

Cognition Ignition

Several years ago, Corinne Wilcox was frustrated. “Any time I got called on in class, I never knew the answer. I’d always be singled out and pulled aside. It was a struggle,” she says.

Enter Cognition Ignition, an Encinitas institution that offers cognitive therapy for children and adults with learning disabilities, brain injuries, and memory problems. Director David “Beba” Witkowski treats clients with Instrumental Enrichment, a 60-year old therapy that uses task-based exercises to “rewire” the brain, which “is modifiable,” explains Witkowski.

Now in her junior year at Texas Christian University as a communications major with a minor in film, Wilcox is a true success story. “Beba has changed my life in so many ways,” shares Wilcox. “I can sit down and focus in my classes instead of distracting myself. I am getting A’s in college, and I never knew that was possible for me.”

“A side effect of my work is happiness,” says Witkowski. “How can that not happen when someone starts experiencing success?”

“I look forward to graduating and being on my own,” says Wilcox. “After experiencing this huge transition in my life, I know I can do anything. My goal is to either stay in Texas or move to New York. California will always be my home but I’m ready to see what the world has to offer.” 760.436.2408, cognitionignition.com

Cognition Ignition
Cognition Ignition


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