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Raise Up for Monarch

Raise Up for Monarch

The Monarch School’s fifth annual fundraiser welcomed nearly 350 supporters with an opportunity to visit its Nat & Flora Bosa campus in Barrio Logan for a firsthand look at the school’s work to educate and support students experiencing homelessness. The event’s co-chairs, Jeff and Lisa Martin, were supported by an honorary committee including several members of the Padres organization, including Alexis and Ron Fowler, Josie and Tom Seidler, Sheel and Peter Seidler, Jessie and Andy Green, Laura and Erik Greupner, A.J. Preller, and Tracy and Trevor Hoffman. The event exceeded its original fundraising goal of $1 million, instead raising $1.9 million due to the matching gift of Ron and Alexis Fowler, and Monarch School Honorary Committee Member Una Davis.

Photography by Bob Stefanko and San Diego Padres/Matt Thomas


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