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Q&A with Dr. Sirius Yoo of SKY Facial Plastic Surgery

An exclusive interview with Dr. Yoo, nine-time winner of our Best of Ranch & Coast awards

Image Credits Jeff Corrigan

Join us for an exclusive interview with Dr. Sirius Yoo, the face behind SKY Facial Plastic Surgery‘s acclaim as the “Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in San Diego.” In this special feature, in partnership with Ranch & Coast Magazine, Dr. Yoo shares insights into his approach and philosophy that have consistently earned him top honors since 2015.

Dr. Sirius Yoo

Dr. Yoo, congratulations on your ninth win as ‘Best in San Diego’ for facial plastic surgery. To what do you attribute your consistent recognition in this field? 
Dr. Yoo: Thank you so much. It’s truly an honor! I believe our consistent recognition stems from three core principles at SKY. First, we’re dedicated to achieving natural-looking results that honor the unique beauty of each patient. Second, our exclusive focus on the face and neck allows us to specialize and refine our techniques in these areas. And third, we develop customized, comprehensive treatment plans, tailored to each patient’s individual needs and aesthetic goals. This combination of natural aesthetics, specialized focus, and personalized care forms the cornerstone of our practice and is what resonates with our patients and the community

Can you share one of your secrets to aesthetic excellence? 
Dr. Yoo: Certainly. It’s about understanding the broader goals of our patients. For example, someone may ask for an upper blepharoplasty, but what they really want is more open eyes. It’s crucial to focus on the desired outcome, not just a specific procedure.

Patients must value that approach. Could you share a success story that stands out to you? 
Dr. Yoo: Without getting into specifics, I can say my patients often come during pivotal times in their lives. Be it a wedding, re-entering the dating scene, or other personal milestone, helping them gain confidence for these moments is incredibly rewarding.

With such a focus on natural aesthetics, how do you balance patient expectations with achievable outcomes? 
Dr. Yoo: Balancing expectations with outcomes is a delicate and essential part of our process. It’s not just about what we can achieve technically, but also about aligning with what the patient is mentally prepared for. We utilize visual aids and in certain cases digital imaging to give a realistic preview, but equally important is our comprehensive approach to patient education and mental preparedness. Our team dedicates significant time to understanding each patient’s motivations and emotional readiness. We believe that being transparent about the limitations and possibilities of each procedure is crucial. This way, we’re not just aiming for surgical success, but for a holistic satisfaction where our patients feel supported and prepared for the changes they’ll experience.

On a more personal note, what inspires you daily in your work? 
Dr. Yoo: What really inspires me are the connections I build with my patients over time. Since I often see them regularly for years, we naturally share significant life milestones. Our conversations might touch upon my family, my daughter, and my wife, and in turn, I learn about their families and life updates. It’s this privilege of being included in their life’s journeys, witnessing their transformations and celebrations, that truly motivates me in my work.

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone considering facial plastic surgery? 
Dr. Yoo: Do your research and choose a surgeon you trust — one who is board-certified and specializes in the face and neck, transparent about the process, and whose aesthetic sense aligns with your own. And remember, the goal of any cosmetic procedure should be to become the best version of yourself.

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