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Popchips Game Changers


This spring, 15 professional athletes are giving back to their local communities simultaneously as part of the Popchips Game Changers program. Sports stars including San Diego’s very own Shaun Phillips, along with Tim Lincecum, Ray Rice, Baron Davis, and Hope Solo are asking their fans, “how can I give back to my community?” Fans in San Diego now have the chance to submit San Diego charities and causes for Shaun Phillips to support. Whether the athletes choose to visit a local hospital, school, or help a regional animal shelter, they will all be giving back to the city that has supported them.


Through April 30, Popchips will be accepting charity and local cause submissions on www.popchips.com/gamechangers as well as http://popchips.com/shaunphillips/. The following month, San Diegans will be invited to vote on the submissions that they want to see Popchips bring to life. Phillips will then choose the winning idea from the top five most popular entries, and in June, Popchips will help all 15 athletes give back to their hometowns simultaneously.


Since its inception, Popchips has always believed in giving back to those who need it most. The company consistently utilizes its local market teams for the greater good, and Popchips is now giving fans this unprecedented experience while helping drive buzz and awareness to local causes across the U.S.  


“I am so excited to be part of the Popchips game changers program and to be giving my fans the opportunity to choose what we can do to support our local communities together,” notes Phillips. “They trust me out on the field, and I trust them off it — I am sure whatever they choose will end up being a fun day for all of us!”


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