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Celebrating A Lifetime Of Love


We could all learn a thing or two from someone married for 70 years. Sue Keeyes and her husband Ray live at Canyon Villas retirement center in Clairemont, and recently celebrated their anniversary. The couple wed on February 8, 1942. During the past weekend’s Valentine’s celebration, Canyon Villas residents were treated to complimentary jewelry cleaning by Charles Koll Jewellers to honor and appreciate the stories of love that jewelry represents.


Vanesse Koll, married to Charles Koll Jewellers’ owner Malcolm Koll for 28 years, and her son, Rich Koll, listened to the stories behind the jewelry, while cleaning and servicing the pieces. Sue talked about how Ray has always been extra thoughtful at holidays. But this year, he was not feeling well, and stayed in bed for the festivities. Sue decorated a heart-shaped cookie with their initials on it, and smiled when talking about him. Her advice to young couples? “Talk things out, share, and work hard at it. So many times we give up in a hurry, you just got to give it time. The longer you are together, the harder it is to be apart.”


“Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of self expression,” notes Malcolm Koll, owner of Charles Koll Jewellers. “To sit down with, and provide a service to those who have a lifetime of love represented by the jewelry they wear, well, that’s just incredible.” (www.charleskoll.com)


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