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Soul Artist & Instructor


Flowers, landscapes, and creatures of nature are the focus of San Diego artist Concetta Antico’s work. Her bright and color-saturated pictures radiate vigor and grace. Each composition creates a vision of her zest for life, and lines dip in many directions, moving the observer’s eye into a path of evolving rebirth of love and happiness for the surrounding world.


When examining Antico’s work, dabs of different colors placed meticulously beside another capture the shimmering light and beauty of an aura that can only be created by an established artist, one who has devoted her life to the making of paintings.


To own an Antico is an honor the collector will cherish. Vitality and inspiration radiate from her images, transforming anyone who looks at her vision.


Antico has been a leader in the San Diego art community for over 20 years as artist and instructor. Her soul-filled works reside in collections both locally and abroad. View her paintings by appointment at her Mission Hills gallery, located at 1920 Fort Stockton Drive, Suite A, or on her online gallery at AnticoFineArt.com. Group and private instruction is available at Antico’s Impressionist-inspired Salon of Art. (858/344-6897, www.thesalonofart.com)    EMILY C. SMITH


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