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Running Skirts


Local identical twins Christy Baker and Cindy Lynch know a thing or two about running — and looking good in the process. The story goes that longtime runner Lynch convinced her sister to run a marathon with her, but Baker had one condition – that she’d design the outfits they’d run in. As a former children’s clothing designer, Baker was less than thrilled with the track shorts her sister trained in. So she designed a skirt that was made of a lightweight fabric, a nylon-Lycra blend that wicks perspiration and stays dry. Pockets on each side held essentials. When they began training in their skirts, they got stopped at every opportunity. When they decided to sell the skirts online, they sold out immediately. One-thousand skirts then sold out in a month. Today, from their coastal Encinitas storefront on Second Street, the twins offer Running Skirts in a variety of styles and designs that offer a customized and fashionable experience. From running to golf to maternity skirts, the workout wear line caters to every active woman’s need. Additional offerings at the boutique include products by B.O.B., BodyGlide, Chocolove, Feetures, Newton, Running Diva, and more. (760/230-8187, www.runningskirts.com)   JANE SHIOMI


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