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Lending Leader


In today’s challenging real estate market, working with a seasoned pro is more important than ever before. Enter Richie Faust, a San Diego-based Bank of America loan officer with 14 years of experience who in 2010 alone funded more than $163 million in loan volume, ranking him number two in his company nationwide. Additionally, that year Faust ranked number 19 amongst all mortgage brokers and bankers in the United States. Specializing in jumbo loans, Faust primarily works with high net worth individuals, and has the ability to fund loans in all 50 states. “I’m always looking out for the best interest of my clients,” he explains. “The reason I’ve been successful at what I do is because my clients trust me, and I’ve established an excellent rapport with them over the years.” He believes in never over-promising and under-delivering, but rather sets out to do the exact opposite. Faust adds, “I’ll ask about objectives and long-terms goals, and genuinely look out for their best interest.” He’s also quick to point out the value of the team around him and the excellent service they provide. As for what lies ahead? “I don’t have a crystal ball,” Faust says, “but we’re hoping to see the high end of the market bottom out this year.”  (858/922-3092, mortgage.bankofamerica.com/richardfaust)   MIA STEFANKO


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