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Jesus Estrada, Material Man


At just 21 years old, Jesus Estrada is seeing the kind of success that more seasoned fashion designers can only dream about. The graduate of San Diego’s Fashion Careers College (FCC), Estrada is among the 16 hopefuls appearing on the seventh season of Project Runway airing Thursday nights on Lifetime TV.

Estrada, originally from Mazatlan, came to the United States as a child after his mother divorced his abusive father. Growing up gay, Hispanic, and poor was a struggle, Estrada says, but makes him appreciate his life now all the more. “Everything I do is thanks to my mother,” he says. “If it wasn’t for her being such a strong woman — raising three kids on her own — I wouldn’t be in this spot.” Estrada is also close to his twin brother, a fashion stylist, with whom he hopes to collaborate one day.

The young designer draws inspiration from Project Runway alum and close friend Gordana “Goga” Gelhausen — who came in fourth on the show’s last season. Now settled in San Diego, Goga has a namesake boutique on Market Street downtown, and shares a work space with Estrada across the street.

Estrada, who describes his style as “modern with a twist of punk” hopes to have his own brand, and aspires to be a fashion icon like the design duo Dolce & Gabbana, his style inspirations. He might not be far off. “Everything he does is over the top,” says FCC’s Lisa Paik with a laugh. “It sort of matches his personality. He’s creative, flamboyant; everything is grandiose.”

For now, Estrada continues to design and to enjoy his newfound fame. While he says Project Runway was an amazing experience, Estrada will say little about the show known for oversized egos and plenty of drama. Suffice it to say, stay tuned for “a lot of surprises.”    ANDREA NAVERSEN


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