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Jacqui Grande: Expert Gemologist

Jacqui Grande: Expert Gemologist

Jacqui Grande: Expert Gemologist

Published on Jan. 25, 2017

Before designing award-winning, custom fine jewelry, Jacqui Grande earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Purdue University and continued her education by pursuing a Master of Science in Immunology while working as a biological research assistant at The Salk Institute. This deep-rooted knowledge of chemical structures from her background in biology and chemistry turned into an infatuation with the chemical makeup of gemstones, especially those containing rare elements from the earth.

Subsequently, this passion for rare, colored gemstones took her to exotic mining locales around the world where she would individually select the finest gemstones for her new rising business. Grande went on to invest in a dredge mining operation in Sri Lanka where she would mine and cut predominantly multi-colored sapphires and rubies. She soon became known for having a keen eye for quality, which quickly helped her rise to the top tier of the industry. Many of her gemstones have been sold to Tiffany & Co. and other important international gem houses.

It soon followed that Grande’s career led her to be a Graduate Gemologist & Appraiser at the Gemological Institute of America. Ten years into her successful gemstone career, she began designing fine jewelry as she continued to expand her company, Radiance International Fine Gemstones and Jewelry. She was even commissioned by a design firm in Japan to create for the elite. Her designs can be seen on the red carpet and adorning dignitaries and royalty. Her designs can be characterized as one of a kind, elaborate yet sophisticated. Not only is Grande an accomplished gemologist and jewelry designer, she is also highly respected within the jewelry and gemstone industry, politically lobbying and endorsing ethical trade practices. Grande has served as a U.S. ambassador and was on the Board of Directors for the International Color Gemstone Association, the most prestigious and ethical gemstone association worldwide. radianceintl.net

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