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Finding Their Ideal Match


Finding Their Ideal Match

For Hortencia Manzano and Anza Mammen, love didn’t always come easy. Mammen, a retired Army colonel and infectious disease physician turned Sorrento Valley biotech executive, had been married for a decade before divorcing 15 years ago. But the father of three grown children says his life turned around when he met Hortencia, an entrepreneur who also has two older children. “She is my soul mate whom I cannot be without,” says Mammen. “She makes me whole.”


The two were connected through The Ideal Match, a small, personal matchmaking service focused on pairing verified singles. Weary of online dating, Manzano felt at ease working with The Ideal Match because every client has passed an in-person screening and a mandatory background check. “They also match you based on your personality traits and what you want in a partner, not visual chemistry,” says Manzano.


The couple began their courtship by texting and without seeing one another’s photo. Once they met, Manzano says, “It was an easy transition from friendship to attraction, and a deep connection, which ultimately led us to falling in love. It feels like I have known Anza forever — the easiest of relationships, no drama — a calm that I had never experienced in my entire life, with a connection at every level.”


“We take great pride in what do,” says Karian Forsyth, dating coach and owner of The Ideal Match, “and we always stress quality over quantity.” The company’s experts analyze clients’ preferences, values, and inner qualities to determine their perfect match. “This is a testimonial to what we do, as Anza was the first introduction selected for Hortencia!”


For those who need encouragement in taking that step to find their true love, Manzano says to keep an open mind, and to “get out there in a way you have not done before.” “If you’re not taking a step forward, you are taking a step backwards,” adds Forsyth. “It can be as easy as a simple phone call to find out if the concept is good for you.” 619.291.2565, theidealmatch.com

Ideal Match
Hortencia Manzano and Anza Mammen


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