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Ali Landry Todays Southern Belle


Upon first meeting Ali Landry, it’s easy to be stunned by her beauty. And after a few minutes of talking to her two things can happen — men will probably want to take her on a date, and women will want to become her best friend.

Landry is a mix of sweetness, charm, sexiness, and beauty, qualities that have taken her through an unexpected journey. “My breakthrough role in Hollywood was starring as the first spokeswoman for Doritos,” she explains. Who can forget the sexy 1998 Super Bowl commercials? The former Miss USA became a household name overnight and went from modeling to acting.

Now a well-known actress, Landry just finished shooting Crescendo, a German film in which she plays the role of Beethoven’s first piano teacher. She’s working on a new TV show, and she’s also
a successful businesswoman.

But her most important accomplishment is being a mom to three-year-old Estela, who Landry says doesn’t hide her Hispanic heritage. “Estela is strong, determined, and speaks her mind, just like my husband.” (Landry is married to Mexican film director Alejandro Monteverde.)

The couple is all about discipline, but she admits that Estela is a feisty one. “Just the other day I told her she couldn’t wear a dress because it wasn’t age appropriate, and Estela’s answer was, ‘This is the dress I’m going to wear and I don’t care if you don’t like it.’ All in Spanish!”

Speaking of fashion, Landry has always been interested in expressing her love for style and cultures through clothing, but it was the birth of Estela that inspired her to start Belle Parish, a children’s clothing line for girls. “I was getting a lot of press on how I was dressing Estela, and I wanted a business that was really going to sustain my family and me throughout my life and be something that I’m really passionate about.”

Belle Parish reflects Landry’s Southern upbringing — “Belle” is from “Southern Belle” and “Parish” is an homage to Landry’s home, Louisiana. “In the line, there are also elements of European design. It’s all about being classic and age-appropriate, which never goes out of style,” notes Landry.

Belle Parish is in 70 boutiques across the country and debuted this year at New York Fashion Week with high reviews. The line will be available in San Diego next year. “I put my own money into this, so it’s great to see that what started in my garage a year ago is growing.” Landry expects to launch a full boys’ and girls’ layette line for fall 2011. The future of Belle Parish also includes products for the home, clothes for the whole family, children’s books, and more.

Landry wants her line to be a venue to encourage and connect with other women. “Many women struggle to balance motherhood, being a wife, and oftentimes also a job, but not everyone talks about it. I have the platform to help other moms to share what’s really going on in their lives.” (www.belleparish.com)  TANIA LUVIANO


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