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Intuitive Wisdom

Intuitive Wisdom

Intuitive Wisdom

Alessandra Solari’s eyes, an intriguing golden hue, sparkle with warmth and optimism. The Cardiff resident, who has served for many years as a teacher and counselor, has been building Tree of Gold, a collection of systems that she hope will inspire “a kinder and more compassionate humanity.”

Born and educated in Chile, Solari’s intuitive gifts became apparent very early on. At just nine years old, she began applying her age-defying wisdom to help her journey into self-discovery at the age of 14, and after many years of inner mindset. Solari later attended UC San Diego, where she obtained a degree in counseling with a background in photography and film.

Today, she practices a transformational approach to teaching in her consultations that uses self-awareness in the four bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Her studies, along with her intuitive gifts, guide her on how to tach others to trust and understand themselves and their empowerment to be wise beyond their conditioned models.

alessandra@treeofgold.org             treeofgold.org


Intuitive Wisdom
Alessandra Solari


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