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UltraClear’s “lunchtime laser” is poised to revolutionize the anti-aging skincare industry

Discover the newest technology in “prejuvenation” for all skin types

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A cutting-edge laser is making its debut right here in San Diego. Created by Acclaro Corporation, the UltraClear Laser is the newest FDA-approved skin rejuvenation platform powered by fiber laser technology designed as an anti-aging solution. The laser targets fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, scars, skin texture, and pore size. The goal is to produce smoother, clearer, more radiant, and younger-looking skin. No numbing cream is necessary an hour before as with most laser treatments, and because downtime is minimal, patients can have the procedure during lunchtime and return to the workplace right after.

I had the opportunity to connect with Shlomo Assa, founder and chairman of Acclaro, along with his executive team, to learn more about this new technology. Assa, it should be noted, has more than 20 patents and invented a number of leading aesthetic laser platforms including CO2RE and PicoWay (now Candela), two of the best-selling medical aesthetic lasers globally, and has been instrumental in setting the gold standards for facial rejuvenation.

I learned that traditional CO2 lasers, while effective, are not suitable for all skin types and can have significant downtime (due to massive amounts of energy which can cause excessive skin trauma). UltraClear controls energy distribution with its 3DIntellipulse and adjustable coagulation (heat) settings. Acclaro states that the procedure is also suitable for Asian and darker skin types that when treated with traditional CO2 lasers are more prone to PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) or PIE (post inflammatory erythema). 

Assa connected me with Edward “Vic” Ross, MD, a well-respected dermatologist at Scripps in Carmel Valley, to experience the UltraClear treatment firsthand. UltraClear has four modalities ranging from Clear mode (called the 3DMIRACL or “lunchtime treatment”) to the more aggressive UltraClear mode. Given my age and other factors, Assa suggested the 3DMIRACL, which is optimized for anti-aging for millennials. (For the record, I am Gen X.) “This treatment has no pain — no numbing cream, a breakthrough in our industry — and no downtime, with treatment time less than ten minutes and with the overall patient clinic visit under 15 minutes,” Assa explained. “Typically, the patient will get lightly pink after treatment, and the redness will subside within 24 hours. A natural exfoliation will start two to three days after treatment, shedding 100 percent of the skin and letting newer skin in with improved texture and a softer and brighter look.”

The treatment felt like a heated stamp working its way around my face (pain level one out of ten; level two closer to the eyes and around the lips), with a very slight burning sensation. Afterward, R&C Editor-at-Large Andrea Naversen took me out for a birthday dinner and sip — there was no need to run home and hide. The next morning, I awoke feeling a bit sunburned, so I applied a more hydrating moisturizer as instructed, and let the 3DMIRACL work its magic. It was a packed day of meetings followed by more birthday celebrations. Unless I shared the news of my treatment the afternoon before, no one would have known. By day two post-laser, my skin was already exfoliating, and by that very same night, the process was 90 percent complete and my new, radiant, and silky skin was revealed, with diminished crow’s feet and smile lines.

The recommended “pre-juvenation” treatment plan to slow the aging process is a pack of six 3DMIRACL treatments spaced two months apart for a year. ultraclearlaser.com


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