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Bag It!


Bag It!

Posted on June 19, 2018

Fashion designer Christian Louboutin has designed a limited edition tote bag to celebrate the Philippines’ culture and traditions. Called Manilacaba (“caba” means “handbag”), the vibrant, multi-pattern tote is decorated with embroidery and sequins, with side panels woven by artisans from the Great Women in ASEAN Initiative. Begun in the Philippines, the organization supports and empowers women entrepreneurs, designers, and artisans in ten Southeast Asian nations. Louboutin was impressed not only by the “richness and quality of craftsmanship,” but the spirit of the Filipino people. While stuck in Manila’s traffic jams, brightly colored Jeepneys (a cross between “Jeep” and “jitney”) caught his eye. Abandoned by U.S troops after World War II, the vehicles were decorated by Filipinos to ward off evil spirits. Louboutin references the Jeepney in his Manilacaba design as a joyful symbol of Philippine culture. The totes are available online and at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley, with ten percent of the purchase price supporting the Great Women in ASEAN Initiative. 619.692.9100, neimanmarcus.com   Andrea Naversen


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