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Water-wise Sun Protection


Water-wise Sun Protection
We live in an idlyllic “72 and sunny” climate, so we like to get outdoors to make the most of it. Strategic planting can result in enhanced beauty to your outdoor environment, with the added benefit of instant shade. And, it doesn’t have to go against our SoCal water-usage restrictions. “Shifting to a water-wise landscape isn’t the end of a vivid and lively backyard,” explains Garrett Cleverly of Moon Valley Nurseries. “There are many water-wise trees and shrubs that exude natural beauty with beautiful blooming flowers and large canopies of shade.” Cleverly says homeowners are seeking larger drought tolerant trees like fruiting and fruitless olive trees (Moon Valley’s farm has been producing them for 50+ years), Tipu, Sissoo, Museum Palo Verde, Strawberry trees, and dozens of other varieties.


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