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New Irrigation Technology for Summer


New Irrigation Technology for Summer

The summer is almost here, and Schnetz Landscape has some great tips and ideas on how you can use the newest irrigation technology to save water and money this season.

Irrigation Controllers

New irrigation technology has brought a change in the monitoring and alerting of irrigation system functions. Oftentimes when a main line breaks or a valve sticks, we are unaware of the issue until water is running down the street. If you’re not home the water could be running for days until someone is alerted. This is the reason you want to use a proactive system that can measure the amount of water each zone should be applying.

We all know that water can be a destructive force when unleashed in large volumes. The use of a flow sensor with a master valve in conjunction with an Internet-based controller can sense unauthorized flows of water and shut the main line down. The controller will then alert the company or homeowners who are monitoring via email with information on which valve has an issue or if a mainline has ruptured based on the amount of flow registered.

Something as simple as a broken sprinkler head will send an alert due to irregular flow patterns. This can save landscape washouts and the wasting of hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water, and it also will save money on your water bill.


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New Irrigation Technology for Summer

Inline Drip

Another way to use new technology to boost your summer irrigation is by using inline drip. The installation of inline drip applies precipitation directly into the root zones and eliminates evaporation that occurs with overhead watering. Inline drip also has no restrictions on watering days due to its low application and efficiency.

The design of the rotary nozzle emits a stream of tiny droplets at a rate that is half of the conventional fan nozzle. This also allows the soil to absorb the water more readily and prevent runoff due to high rate flows that fan nozzles apply.

It’s All About Water Savings and Healthier Plants

The new technology now available for irrigation makes renovating your landscaping for summer more worthwhile than ever. Save money and save water this summer with some of these renovations, and your property will thank you. schnetzlandscape.com



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