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Paper Artistry


Paper artist Lynda Kerr creates exquisite, one-of-a-kind greeting cards and envelopes fashioned from found objects: reclaimed brooches, bits of ribbon and lace, delicate passamenterie, and “tons of pearls, pearls, pearls.” Says Kerr: “My work is so small that I never throw things away. There’s always a place for the tiny things I find.” A self-described “paper artist and paper addict,” Kerr takes inspiration from color, texture and pattern, and the people around her. One of her friends, for example, is so fascinated by Marie Antoinette that Kerr created “Let them Eat Cake,” a tabletop collection of embellished hat boxes and paper dolls that took one of the top honors at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center’s annual “Over the Top Tables” fundraiser in 2012. The Timken Museum of Art also has displayed Kerr’s Palace of Versailles-inspired work. Each of Kerr’s elaborate envelopes and cards takes 4-5 hours to make, and comes in its own box. With cards this beautiful, you don’t need another present. The envelope, please! (lynda_kerr@roadrunner.com)


“Autumn Flowers” by Lynda Kerr
“Autumn Flowers” by Lynda Kerr


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